Accidental Damage Services Agreement

This program picks up where your default warranty is cancelled. If one of your covered devices is accidentally damaged, just contact us directly. Once we have identified the cause and extent of the damage, we offer the necessary repairs to restore order to your equipment. If necessary, we can also provide data destruction and disk disposal services to help you meet compliance requirements. Whether your devices are used in the classroom, in the hospital, on the street or in the office, accidents are inevitable. If an employee calls a damaged device, be prepared for accident service2. You`re sure you know that you can easily repair or replace laptops used by your mobile employees, even if they`re on the go or outside the location. Laptops are sturdy and portable, but not indestructible. Use these common-sense tips to protect your laptop from accidental damage. Coverage for everyday accidents and high-risk situations Expect the unexpected with the accident damage department You are sure to know that you can easily repair or replace laptops used by your mobile employees, even if they are on the move1 or working off the job site. This makes it an ideal option for systems that are regularly exposed to high-risk conditions, including devices such as light customers and devices used in medical, retail, class, police and military environments. This fact sheet contains more information on the benefits of accidental damage, on the data covered and not covered.

Accidental Damage is included in ProSupport Plus and provides 24×7 support, hardware and software support and predictive support that alerts you to problems before they become problematic.

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