Agreement Of Sale Of Undivided Share

Yes, the undivided share can be transferred by registered sales signature signed by the other two owners as witnesses. Subsequently, however, the buyer will legally notify all owners to remove their property from the undivided property. If the buyer does not get a response from them, he can sue in the civil court concerned. I applied for Property Deed between 3 people mentioning « 1/3rd undivided share each » in Deed Relinquishment. in our sales certificate mentions the cost of the land as 41,400/- for all 132 homeowners, not to mention the UDS action, but we have two types of apartments of different size. The age of our building is 35 years, and we want to demolish and rebuild. Now, how is our share of the UdS calculated? As a general rule, there is a special section in the agreement that contains details of the UDS action, which is often expressed as a percentage (z.B. 0.75 per cent). or in precise terms of square feet. Make sure the agreement speaks clearly of your undivided share in the country. The same number should be mentioned in the title name when the registration takes place. The common nature of the property is not a delay in the sale of individual shares.

Each of the 3 owners can sell their share to anyone they want. The signing of the other two owners as witnesses to the deed of sale will not make the deed of sale a more important legal character than it would have been obtained if it had been signed by another. No certificate of objection is required for the sale of individual shares. However, other owners can release their share for the benefit of the owner who wishes to sell the property. Please guide me – in accordance with the RERA guidelines, should the UDS be mentioned in agreement? In our colony, we have 132 apartments with two sizes, but all our sales inventories show uniform land costs without mentioning the UDS. Now we plan to demolish and restore how the UDS share is now calculated. Thank you so much for a very informative article. Be thankful for your guided tour:- I bought an apartment in a residential project in a commune built under the Gujarat Town Planning Act in Ahmeabad.

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