Capital One Costco Cardholder Agreement

Do you just want to share all our frustrations with the capital a map of beiginning. Lots of errors, lack of fast interface…. Recently, they even failed 3 requests to increase our credit limit, unavailable agent, no reminder. . No customer service at all, and a big costco error!!! After just over 5 years of partnership with Costco, Capital One announced today that it will terminate the agreement. In the meantime, American Express will do everything in its power to transform and retain former Amex Costco cardholders. They have already introduced two new cash back credit cards (no loading cards) that reflect the De Cash Back card a little, but still offer high-end rates of pay in the market. Don`t forget to read your entire agreement as a 40 cardholder. :/ In fact, AMEX does not allow one of its cards to be converted (migrated) to another AMEX product. The only conversion allowed is a demotion of the same product line, for example. B from AIRMILES PLATINUM to OR AIRMILES.

This issue therefore has nothing to do with contractual agreements with Costco. However, once you have applied and received a new card, you can call and merge the two lines of credit and close the older account. In my case, because of my high credit limit ($28,000) when I applied for a new card, the credit card service called me and offered me the new card with the same limit as the old card and forced me to close the old account. In a roundabout, it turned out to be a product transformation, except that I had a hard hit on my credit report and I had to talk to the credit department. However, your service is really professional. I was also rejected. I was worried when I found out that something might have happened with my credit rating without my knowledge! I called the credit center and they assured me that my creditworthiness was good and that there was nothing negative about it. Then I called Capital a sund the person on the phone told me that sometimes the decline they « just because ». After reading all this, I`m glad they rejected me! And I`ll ask for a refund of my Costco membership. That`s the only reason I got an American express card.

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