Hotel Management Agreement Uk

Our team understands what makes a successful hotel business. It has all the right elements in the right place. The right product, the right people, the right brand and the right management. Managing all these elements is our expertise and, with many years of experience, Tower Hotel Management will provide the right result. By ensuring the clarity of all fees at the agenda level, a fair comparison with competing operators is guaranteed. Operators should not have a problem with transparency in making their pricing proposal available, but we have seen that royalties have been hidden in the long grass of the enterprise agreement, but have not been identified at the roadmap level. This can lead to delays or interruptions in the negotiation of the hotel management contract. The owners are usually private owners/promoters who own the hotel building, while the managers (also known as operators) are responsible for the day-to-day management of the hotel. Some owners manage themselves, but the majority of owners will pass on the hotel`s administrative responsibility to an operator. Tower Hotel Management focuses exclusively on the profitability of your hotel and therefore on your return on investment. Individuals who own intellectual property rights to the hotel`s processes, computer systems and trademark documents should be dealt with in the management agreement. If the operator reserves these rights, in the event of termination or expiry of the contract, there should be appropriate protection from the owner with respect to business continuity. Negotiating fees is a « give and take » process – an owner who intends to maintain a first-class long-term hotel heritage and accepts that any new owner is bound by the hotel administration agreement may be able to insist that the fees be lower.

In addition, an owner wishing to maintain the hotel in the short term (for example. B a hedge fund) and who needs flexibility in pursuing the hotel management contract when selling may agree to pay higher fees in exchange for such flexibility.

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