Turkey And Saudi 100 Year Agreement

And by 2023, the treaty period, which has passed a hundred years, is coming to an end, and that is where we understand Erdogan`s comments, since Turkey will enter a new era, and begin with oil exploration and drilling of a new canal that will begin between the two black and marmara seas as preparation for the pricing of passing ships. To Turkish nationals on the territory of each of the other contracting powers and to the nationals of these powers in Turkey, where they carry out all deeds, perform all formalities, pay royalties and, in general, can fulfil all obligations under the laws and regulations of each state in terms of conservation, obtaining or repugnaction, in which they carry out any deeds. , complete all the formalities, pay royalties and, in general, fulfill all their obligations under the laws and regulations of each state. which are prescribed by the laws and regulations of the States concerned for the preservation or obtaining or granting of the states concerned. the granting of industrial property rights that had already been acquired on 1 August 1914 or which, for the war, would have been acquired since then by an application before or during the war. Licences for the use of commercial property or reproduction of literary or artistic works granted before the war by or to nationals of allied powers or to persons residing or operating on their territory, on the one hand, or by Turkish nationals, on the other, are considered hidden from the beginning of a state of war between Turkey and the Allies concerned. However, within six months of the entry into force of this contract, the former beneficiary of such a licence has the right to require the rights holder to issue a new licence whose terms are set by the Joint Court of Arbitration within the meaning of Section V of this party in the event of an agreement between the parties. The court has the power, if circumstances require, to determine at the same time the one in which it considers an appropriate payment for the use of property during the war. Subsequently, the strategy of the « Lausanne II Conference » led to the signing of the « Treaty of Lausanne », signed on 24 July 1923 at the « Beau Rivage Plus » hotel in Lausanne.

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