Agreement Between Truck Driver And Owner

1. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. The company provides material transportation services that may include hazardous substances, either by tanker or tanker (the « services »). « Dangerous materials » are « any « special form quantity » of a material that « may pose an unacceptable risk to health and safety or property, » as defined in the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act 1975. The Hazardous Materials Transportation Uniform Safety Act of 1990 also establishes rules for the safe transportation of dangerous goods in intra-governmental, intergovernmental and foreign trade. When a driver is carrying hazardous substances, the driver must have a hazard certificate and, if necessary, a tanker licence for or obtain the current Class A commercial driver`s licence. 3 Compensation or other status or system that may in any way result from the performance of work under the holder/OPERATORS or that may result from that benefit. All owners/operators agree that in all work obtained by Strittmatter Equipment, LLC, it does not discriminate 20% on the basis of race, profession of faith, skin colour, gender or national origin. This ACCORD is not an exclusive agreement, and Strittmatter Equipment, LLC is free to charge people working, including work of the same type that is then performed by the owner/operator.

It is clearly understood that for every project in which OWNER/OPERATOR is introduced or performs work, via Strittmatter Equipment, LLC. Some of the provisions that can be made in a typical owner-driver contract are: 8 E. RELAYING THESE RULES TO DRIVERS IS THE RERESPONSIBILITY OF AUTO-OWNED/OPERATOR. III) GENERAL-HOURLY TRUCKS INFORMATIONS: a. EVERY HOURLY TRUCK RECEIVING AN OVERWEIGHT TICKET MUST TURN TICKET INTO DISPATCH WITHIN TWENTY-FOUR (24) HOURS. i. Anyone arrested because of an obesity injury who has the ability to move the load from one axis to another must do so. Ii. All trucks must be able to adjust the maximum weight allowed for your wheelbase.

VA (W/5) MD DC (MUST HAVE DC TAGS) Three axes 60.375 70,000 65,000 Axe quad 65,625 70,000 65,000 Trailers 80,000 80,000 b.

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