Basic Exchange And Cooperation Agreement (Beca) Wiki

The pact allows the United States to provide India with its encrypted communications equipment and systems so that Indian and American military commanders, as well as aircraft and ships of both countries, can communicate through secure networks in times of peace and war. Again, to take a simple example, it is like being able to exchange messages or communicate with a friend on WhatsApp, signal or telegram in real time and safely. CISMOA is synonymous with the Communication and Information Security Memorandum Agreement. This agreement would allow interoperability between the United States and India. With interoperability, we believe there would be access to encrypted and secret technologies or communications. We note here that, so far, the United States has blocked the sale of certain advanced technologies and sensitive equipment to India because of the non-signature of this agreement. The signing of this agreement would help, given that these advanced technologies and sensitive devices are usually installed only on systems purchased by the United States. This agreement could also be important for multinational operations related to rescue operations, disaster relief, etc. This could be the key to cooperation between India and the United States between India and the United States. Just as your radio booth (or gps in your smartphone) will help you on the way to your destination and help you reach it quickly and efficiently, BECA will provide Indian military systems with a high-quality GPS to navigate with rockets in real time in order to precisely attack the opponent. In the 21st century, Indian foreign policy has attempted to use India`s strategic autonomy to protect sovereign rights and promote national interests in a multipolar world. [3] [4] [5] Among the governments of Presidents George W.

Bush and Barack Obama, the United States has shown that it lives up to India`s fundamental national interests and has recognized the concerns that are still open. [6] Increased bilateral trade and bilateral investment, cooperation on global security issues, involving India in decision-making on global governance issues (UN Security Council), improving representation in trade and investment forums (World Bank, IMF, APEC), integrating the multilateral export control regime (MTCR, Wassenaar Agreement) , Australia Group) and supporting membership in the supplier group and joint production through technology exchange agreements are important milestones and a measure of speed and progress towards building close relations between the United States and the United States India has become. [7] In 2016, India and the United States signed the Memorandum of Understanding[9][10] and India was declared a Major Defense Partner of the United States. [12] In 2020, India had tabled its agreement to end an embargo on exports of a drug called hydroxychloroquine, which US President Donald Trump had called « game-change » amid the fight against the continuation of the global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The verdict came after Trump warned of a threat of retaliation against India if it did not comply with the export embargo against hydroxychloroquine. [13] In the face of rising tensions between India and China following the deaths of 20 soldiers in Ladakh four months ago, the pact aims to help India bridge the military divide with Beijing.

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