Jams Mediation Agreement

9. The mediator may mediate in a manner he deems appropriate, given the circumstances of the case, the wishes of the parties and the need for a speedy resolution of the dispute. The Ombudsman does not have the power to impose a transaction on the parties. The mediator has the power to hold joint and separate meetings with the parties. Upon request, the mediator may make oral or written recommendations for an appropriate resolution of the dispute. If you include one of these clauses in a contract that applies to a number of contracting parties (for example. B in a standard employment contract or in a consumer contract), please inform JAMS, as specific requirements may apply. JAMS provides customers with access to the most qualified mediators. Our mediation body consists of highly respected federal, regional and appellate judges, former trial parties and transaction lawyers from different backgrounds and practices. ADR`s recognized leaders have the legal and commercial skills, credibility and regulatory skills to resolve even the most controversial and complex issues. USA East – Canada: George Cuervos | U.S. Midwest gcuervos@jamsadr.com: Sarah Nevins | snevins@jamsadr.comU.S. West as Cynthia Victory | cvictory@jamsadr.com neutral at JAMS, which includes lawyers, former judges, psychologists and others, are highly qualified and experienced professionals.

They receive mediation training in the classroom and through the observation of mediators experienced in the mediation process. The settlement of international disputes requires special skills, experience and cultural sensitivity. That`s why thousands of lawyers and their clients turn to JAMS. We are a recognized leader in cross-border mediations and arbitrations, with resources wherever you or your clients do business. If you have any further questions about the mediation process or JAMS, please contact our offices to speak to a case manager. We look forward to your questions. For more information, contact your local JAMS office at 1-800-352-5267. (i) comments or suggestions or offers from another party or mediator as part of the mediation process; 6. Any mediator, whether selected jointly by the parties or appointed by JAMS International, will inform JAMS International and the parties whether he or she has a financial or personal interest following mediation, or if there are reasonably appropriate facts or circumstances, raising a presumption of bias. After receiving such information, JAMS International may, after obtaining the parties` opinions, replace the mediator, preferably among the lists of acceptable mediators previously returned by the parties. Mediation can be described as assisted negotiation.

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