Sheridan College Collective Agreement

TORONTO – The suspension of four university professors at the Ottawa Collegiate Precins shows why the university faculty must have the freedom and authority to make academic decisions, according to the Ontario Public Service Employees Association (OPSEU). As things stand, we are prepared to maintain the language of the collective agreement and to work with the College if necessary. Now, more than ever, we must be united here in Sheridan and across the province. For teachers who peck in Perth or Pembroke or other colleges, your check will be available on your original campus. insider.sheridancollege.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/partial-load-registration-faq.pdf Local 244 joined our fellow CAAT-Academics in criticizing complaints about the college`s inability to comply with the CBA, although it makes clear in Bill 178 (the law that sent us back to work). OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas called college ants a « classic union failure. » A little over a month after the province put the strikers back to work, we have a new collective agreement. www.collegefaculty.org/college_faculty_strike_vote_sets_table_for_talks This change is nothing short of historic. This is a turning point for colleges that will be truly transformative in the years to come. Four teachers from La Cité, suspended as a result of the strike, retain all their rights under the collective agreement and at the Ontario Labour Relations Council. Thank you to my NDP colleague Cindy Forster in Ontario for bringing the government to justice. It is time to take seriously the provision of equal pay for equal work, including the faculty of the university. Although universities are required to automatically enroll in extended Health Care, please note that standard coverage applies to a person`s coverage.

So be sure to fill out the Sun Life Positive registration form for group insurance benefits to formally indicate your decision to participate in the available benefit rights, with individual or family coverage. Adjudicator Kaplan heard requests from both sides, examined these issues in detail and seems to agree that the faculty had the best plan for the colleges. Earlier this year, OPSEU filed a lock against George Brown College in response to the withdrawal of personal emergency days for non-union faculties under contract. GBC did so after we applied for certification to have part-time faculties and meeting faculties unionized by effectively changing their working conditions and claiming that they were « obliged » because Ford reduced workers` rights with Bill 47. We had a hearing on October 3, 2019 before the Labour Relations Council of Ontario. The union`s position is simple: although this is a fairly unique set of circumstances, since labour standards legislation changed twice after the certification application was filed in June 2017, the college was still wrong to roll back personal emergency days without the union`s approval.

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