Ax 2012 Purchase Agreement Workflow

Every line of a sales contract is an obligation to buy something. You can use lines of multiple commands to fulfill the obligation. There are four types of obligations: workflow for denying product entries Unconfirmed notifications Repeat steps 2 through 5 to create additional workflows for purchase and purchase. Configuration and general instructions on how to configure the workflow with respect to the purchase area Create delivery date notification workflows for unconfirmed supporting documents. Has anyone found experience in setting up a sales workflow in the same way or a bypass that would be enough? You buy a certain amount of a product. Guys, I don`t know if you know that you can only link or remove links on the PO/SO lines with the respective sales contract if po/SO was created with these agreements. I don`t know why, but I noticed this time during the test. A final requirement that we were not entitled to satisfy was that some managers obtained a number of « double » authorizations – this was the case, for example when a manager is both a sector manager, a project manager and a hierarchy manager. Unfortunately, workflows in AX do not allow data to be viewed in the executed workflow entity. Have you ever been able to solve this problem, because in Dynamics 365 FO, I face the same restriction that makes sales contracts very weak in potential usage. Sales contracts are something you can do with suppliers for flat-rate purchases or only for setting a record of prices or terms.

This is a short video to go through the implementation of a sales contract. Configure each element of the workflow. For more information, see Configure the workflow system. Since sub-workflows do not have the « condition » option of the approval stage, the conditional decision will probably be the way to go for most, usually even for some conditional decisions, remember to clearly indicate maintenance decisions in the future, « conditional decision 17 » is a bad choice: value commitment – You buy a certain amount of currency from a product or in a purchase category. But I accept a contract to sell his listing page, and there`s a mistake. I also have the same problem that the option to create a link is disabled, and I use the workflow in the command and the order approval state is approved and the order state is open order…

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