Chromebook Agreement

Distribution and collection of ChromebooksOne year must submit the Chromebook contract form as part of the registration process. An annual fee of $25.00 is charged. The Maypearl School District strongly believes that technology resources are a huge source of information that provides countless opportunities for students and district staff. Combination of SACE with vocational training in the form of a school training or internship. Positive relationships are nurtured. All members of the school community feel valued, safe, supported and respected. Learning is linked to the context and experience of students. Students develop their sense of their place in the local, regional and global community. Sheath/Charging CableAll students will receive a protective envelope for their Chromebook, which should be used whenever the Chromebook is carried or not in use. Students should not customize the exterior of the Chromebook or cases with stickers or drawings. Although the cases are reinforced to protect Chromebooks, they cannot be guaranteed to prevent damage. It is the student`s responsibility to care for and protect their device.

Students also receive a charging cable that can be used at home. Students are encouraged to publish their work digitally and, where appropriate, share it with their teachers and peers. If students need to print, they can do so from desktop computers in the library, but students can`t print directly from their Chromebooks at school. Students may have access to print stations if print jobs are required. As students and teachers become more and more accustomed to cloud-based Parafield Gardens High School, championship trophies for girls and boys have been holding cricket, football and basketball for the past few years. We are proud to announce that we are now producing an eNewsletter with SchoolzineSee our latest newsletter here Be compassionate; treat others with understanding and acceptance. You take care of the school environment. Be positive, participate and seek to be the best thing you can be now and for the future. We are happy to have your child as a learner and you, a vital contribution to the educational experience, in our learning community. YEAR 7 TO 8 DAYS OF TRANSITION – THURSDAY 3 AND FRIDAY 4 DECEMBER 2020 If it is difficult, it will be more successful. Inspire yourself to motivate yourself and others. We expect a lot to succeed in our learning.

Students are encouraged to enjoy learning and develop the skills that enable them to succeed. Every student is expected to bring a fully charged Chromebook to school every day and bring their Chromebook to all classes, unless their teacher has expressly advised against it. Inappropriate media should not be used as Chromebook patterns or designs. The presence of such media leads to disciplinary measures. The MINT Works program will give our teachers the special facilities they need to inspire innovation and creativity, spark imagination and challenge students. With more than 40 non-English speaking backgrounds, our school is proud of its multicultural environment and diversity. Asset TagsAll Chromebooks are marked with a district asset tag. Asset labels must not be removed, modified or manipulated under any circumstances. Students can be fined if they turn on a Chromebook with a rigged district asset tag or a Chromebook without a district asset tag. Students develop pathways tailored to their interests, skills and aspirations.

All students have a plan when they leave our school. All fees must be paid in full within the first 30 days of the school year. All students who participate in this initiative will be taught in the first few school weeks in the proper use of Chromebooks…

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