Dotpeek License Agreement

I agree with Max. Sharing source code is one thing, and I`m for it. But if it`s not supposed to be shared, it`s different. I am sure there are decompilers and they always have been. But being able to pass my hypothetically new algorithm from a whim is also called intellectual property reverse engineering. And the warning not to use copyrighted material is not feasible, as I am almost certain that the decompiled code contains no copyright or indication. (b) This Agreement, including third party software license agreements, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding licensee`s use of the Software and supersedes all prior or simultaneous oral or written assurances, communications or advertisements regarding the Software. No order, other order document or handwritten or written text purporting to modify or supplement the printed text of this Agreement or any schedule shall supplement or modify the terms of this Agreement unless they have been signed by both Licensee and Licensor. (i) sell, distribute, give, loan, rent, sublicense or transfer any software or parts of the software to third parties, without the prior written consent of licensor; Licensee may not, but is not required to, provide Licensor or its affiliates with suggestions, comments and comments about the Software, including, but not limited to, ease of use, bug reports and test results (collectively, « feedback »). The Licensor grants the Licensee a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable and free license free of charge for the reproduction, modification, production of derivative works, license, dissemination and marketing of the feedback as part of an offer by the Licensee. And if you have a license control (license key or verification with license server), developers can gradually review your code until they find the verification, and then just delete that section of code and save the assembly.

Now you can use it for free. Subject to the terms, conditions and restrictions set forth in this Agreement, including any amendments thereto, Licensor grants licensee a limited, non-exclusive, non-permanent, non-transferable license, as follows: (a) Licensee agrees to comply with the terms set forth in the Third Party Software License Agreements with respect to the applicable Third Party Software. The decompilation is almost as long as that. The NET platform is available for most other major development platforms (including for decommissioning). It is therefore important to have conditions and licenses in order to avoid behaviors that you do not approve. Obfuscators are a popular option for people who are looking for an extra layer of protection. (b) Unless otherwise agreed in writing between Licensor and Licensee, when upgrading to a new version of the Software, the relationship between the parties shall be governed by the terms of the License Agreement relating to the Software and, where applicable, modified by www.jetbrains.com the day of the upgrade download. . . .

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