Equity Tv Agreement

Unlike previous agreements, a tariff increase is now incorporated, which means that there will be an automatic annual increase by the next renegotiation. A late payment clause has also been added, so that if payment is not made in accordance with the agreement, interest can be claimed. The new updates to the PACT/Equity agreement, which covers all independent production company programs, came into effect on January 1. The agreement brings a number of new benefits, including a 6% increase in all taxes covered by the agreement. « This unprecedented situation is not adapted to the conditions of the collective agreements with broadcasters and PACT (the employers` bargaining group). Equity has therefore worked with all of our negotiating partners to reach an agreement on emergency payments, » adds John. « We know that the remuneration of artists in different productions represents a wide range and that many do not receive significant sums. In addition, many artists have not fulfilled the conditions for admission to the national independent program in the compositions of ongoing dramas and in the industry as a whole, and it is therefore essential that they receive financial assistance during the crisis. « Other Covid deals have been made in TV production and independent film with companies such as BBC Studios, ITV Studios and Lime Productions. General Practice Registrar Employment Agreement 2015 and 2016 Training Year 1 This model for an employment contract contains the standard contractual agreements provided for in the Fair Work Act 2009 and the 2015 EDS was launched at the end of 2017 and ensures that actors receive royalties and other ancillary payments for those engaged in equity contracts arising from the terms of the union`s collective agreements. Funds collected and distributed by EDS are paid in addition to funds spent by broadcasting and television companies, which are also due in accordance with the agreements of the union.

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